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Event Photographer and Videographer

Make it memorable

We’ve done many of them – conferences, round tables, corporate parties, congresses, inaugurations, exhibitions, fairs, motor shows, celebrations, artistic performances etc.

We’ve not just done them, we delivered fast. Depending on your needs it can be anything starting “right now”, e.g. live event feed for your social networks, including live video feed too.

We select and postprocess photos for you, meaning you get curated selection of best photos from the corporate event or private party, beautifully styled.

Best pieces of videos from your events are sliced into short meaningful clips.

Did we mention that it is fast too?

For your public event you’ll have a gallery with all good photos, and for more private ones – secure folder.

If your event is bigger than one photographer or videographer can cover – we’ll propose more. 

And if you are up to some fun – we have a photo booth.

We know, that every corporate or private event is unique, so please e-mail, message, call us or fill the form below and we will be able to give you a quote for your event and propose attractive package for photography and video which will become a great memory for the event.

We are based in Geneva and can cover your event throughout whole Switzerland.

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