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It is hard to overestimate importance of the first impression. It becomes even more important when it is about making impression without meeting a person – via your resume or CV, professional social network profile, publication.

How it works

Our studio provides you with opportunity to make a professional business portrait, which will reflect your personality, help you to stand out of the crowd and make proper first impression on your colleagues, business partners, clients or future employer. Your aim is to make other party think: “This is the face the person we’d like to work with” and we are here to help you to show this in your portrait. Our approach is simple – “take it till you make it”. We work on your portrait until the moment you are happy with the result. Usually it means more than 20 minutes of your time and less than “DVD with hundreds of the photos” you can’t use. We don’t leave you alone in this process. You’ll get theoretical knowledge about how human’s face works and be constantly guided during the session to implement theory into practice. All business portrait sessions are different, some people may just need 1 minute and “voila” – there is a great portrait. For others some time needed to relax in front of the camera. We do our best to make you feel comfortable and look as a person on business portrait should look like.

What is included

  • Session Duration is up to 1 hour
  • Coaching on posing and expression
  • In-studio selection of the business portrait which reflects your personal brand and industry
  • Retouched photos included: 1 best, carefully retouched photo in a high resolution (min 24 MPix, 6000 pixels large side)
  • Digital versions for web: in addition to full resolution photo you are getting smaller – 2048 pixels – version for sharing on internet and square 450 pixels version for LinkedIN
  • Digital version for printed documents: “resume-ready” 45mm version for inserting into paper and electronic documents (for example, resume or CV)
  • Unrestricted usage rights (e.g. print, usage for business purposes, not just your personal use)


  • You may want to order additional photos from the session, e.g. change dresses during session, choose different face expressions etc.: starting 50 CHF for each additional photo.
  • Professional business-style make-up in studio: 100 CHF per person
  • Photo session may also be held at your home or office: 100 CHF per visit. Multiple sessions with different people are paid once.

Want a big group to be photographed?

There are special rates for group or office-wide photoshoots. Please follow this link to get learn more and get your personalised quote.

What people say

Check other reviews on Glocals and Facebook.

HOW Much

To accommodate different appetites, we have several packages for you.

It can be one best photo that you use everywhere or it can be variety for different cases – e.g. serious, calm and friendly, smiley, casual and dark background – you decide and choose.


The Best Photo
CHF 150 per session
  • in the studio
  • 1 best photo included
Processing ...


The Best Pack
CHF 250 per session
  • studio or location of your choice
  • 3-5 best photos included
  • 29% off standard price
Processing ...


The Biggest
CHF 350 per session
  • studio or location of your choice
  • 6-10 best photo included
  • up to 42% off standard price
Processing ...

All Packages Include

  • up to 1 hour session
  • coaching on posing & expression
  • up to 2 outfits (1 change)
  • professional natural retouching
  • internet delivery
  • version for web
  • version for printed documents
  • version for LinkedIN
  • high resolution version
  • delivery within 3 days


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